1. What should I do if I cannot find the WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) signal?

💡 Ultimate tip: Unplug both ends of all cables, all devices are powered off for 5 minutes, then plug cables in tightly and powered on again. Usually, most of the faults can be resolved.

If the Internet device cannot find the WiFi signal at all, you can first check whether the indicator light on the router is on. (See Figure 1)


【Figure 1】

  • When the indicator light is off: The wireless router indicator light is off because of the following reasons:

    1. Power supply problem: Check whether the power socket is energized. You can use another electrical appliance to test whether the socket has power.

    2. Connection problem: The power socket is good and the indicator of the router is still off. You need to check the AC and DC power plug carefully to see if both ends of the power adapter are plugged in tightly.

    3. Router problem: If it still does not light up, the router may be faulty. You need to contact the router manufacturer for repair or replacement with a new router.

  • When the indicator light is on: If the WiFi signal cannot be found, there may be the following reasons:

    1. Wireless WiFi signal is interfered or blocked: Devices such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, wireless mouse and keyboard are too close to the router, which will interfere with the WiFi signal. However, the distance between the terminal device and the wireless router is too long, there are partition walls, obstacles, etc., which will cause the wireless WiFi signal to attenuate seriously, and the WiFi signal of the wireless router cannot be found; (See Figure 2)

    2. If some devices (mobile phones, computers, TVs) cannot search for WiFi: Then there may be a problem with the device’s system, you can restart the device and try again.

    3. If all devices cannot search for WiFi: It is recommended that you power off the router for 5 minutes and then restart it to try again. If it still fails, you can restore the router’s factory settings and reconfigure.

    4. Router failure: If you still cannot find the WiFi signal of the router after troubleshooting the above situation, it may also be that the router itself is malfunctioning and you need to contact the router manufacturer for repair or replacement of a new router.


【Figure 2】

⚠️ Special warning: Router initialization will lose all setting information. If you are not very familiar with router settings, do not try it lightly. You can ask a technician who is familiar with routers to help.