What should I do if the WiFi connection is normal but the mobile phone cannot access the Internet?

If other devices can access the Internet via WiFi, but your mobile phone can’t access the Internet, then it’s the phone’s settings or malfunctions. You can troubleshoot as follows:

  1. There is a setting icon on the phone desktop, click to enter. (See Figure 1)

    【Figure 1】

  2. After entering the settings page, click here "WLAN".(See Figure 2)

    【Figure 2】

  3. After entering, you will see the connected WiFi, and there will be a prompt "Connected but unable to access the Internet". (See Figure 3)

    【Figure 3】

  4. We click the arrow icon on the right to enter the WiFi detailed page. If the IP setting is "static", the problem may be the static IP address. When the routing address of the WiFi you are connected to is different from the static address you set in the first three paragraphs, you cannot access the Internet. (See Figure 4)

    【Figure 4】

    After we changed the "IP Settings" to "DHCP", and then lookup the current WiFi again, we should be able to connect to the Internet normally.