What should I do if the WiFi connection is normal, mobile phones and computers can access the Internet, but other devices cannot access the Internet?

The following takes the network TV set-top box as an example: (See Figure 1)


【Figure 1】

  1. Check whether the TV network set-top box is turned on and has a green light.

  2. Check whether the network connection of the TV set-top box is connected to WiFi.

  3. The network settings of the TV are changed to automatically obtain an IP address.

  4. Check if the TV set-top box is connected to the network cable and HDMI signal cable.

  5. Check if the signal source is wrong. If you find the wireless WiFi setup and connection troublesome, you can also use a wired connection. Lead the network cable from any LAN port of the router and plug it into the back panel of the smart TV or the wired network card socket on the side. If the set-top box is turned on and the network connection is normal, the video source of the TV is not switched correctly. Find the remote control of the TV. Find the video source HDMI/TV/AV signal source and other words on the button. There must be one that allows you to see the image.

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If you have a certain understanding of the Internet, you can also go to IPv4: to view more professional solutions, including:

⚠️ Special warning: Router initialization will lose all setting information. If you don’t know much about router settings, don’t try it lightly. You can ask someone familiar with it to help.

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