What should I do if the router suddenly can't access the Internet?

Hello, guy! Have you ever encountered that router suddenly can't access the Internet?

The router has been working normally, why can't access the Internet suddenly? How to fix it?

If the router has been working normally but suddenly you can't access the Internet, then it is likely that there is a problem with the broadband or router. You can take the following methods to troubleshoot the specific problem and solve it accordingly no matter what router you use.

Total Time: nearly 20 minutes

Supply & Tools:

  • Router
  • Modem
  • Computer or mobile phone

Troubleshoot broadband

There are two types of broadband problems: broadband arrears and broadband failures.

1. You can call the Internet service provider (ISP) customer service to check your broadband fees. If you are in arrears, you only need to pay the fee, and then wait for a while to restart the optical modem and router, you will be able to resume normal Internet access.

2. If the broadband is not in arrears, you can also continue to ask customer service whether your home broadband is faulty. If inquiried that there is indeed a broadband failure, just ask him to arrange a staff to solve. If the customer service does not find the fault, you can also conduct a preliminary check according to the following methods by yourself, and then contact the ISP if the broadband fault is found. Because the broadband failures need to be solved by the ISP, you cannot solve it personally.
①Check the indicator light of the optical modem. If the LOS light is red (normally it should not be on), it indicates that there is no light signal and the broadband is faulty, you should directly contact your ISP.
②Temporarily remove the router and plug the network cable from the optical modem directly into the computer. Then, use the "broadband connection" program to connect to the Internet. You can observe whether the computer can successfully access the Internet. If cannot, it indicates that the broadband has failed.

check los

Troubleshoot router

If the broadband has withstood the previous troubleshooting, then it is likely that there is something wrong in the router. At this moment, you can take next steps.

1. Check the network cable connecting the router, optical modem, computer and other equipment is damaged or the interface is loose. If the interface is loose or the network cable is damaged, it will also cause the router to be unable to access the Internet. You need to tighten the interface or change the cable.

2. Power off the router, and then restart to see if it can access the Internet.

3. If you restart the router and there is still no network, then try to hold down the RESET button on the router to make it restore the factory settings. And next, use the computer or mobile phone to reset the router to access the Internet. Click to get How to set up a wireless router to access the Internet.

4. If the Internet is still unavailable, the router may be broken and you need to change it.
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If you don't know how to troubleshoot or still can't find any problems after troubleshooting, call your ISP and ask them to arrange a professional to fix it will be more efficient!

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