How to set up a wireless router to access the Internet with TPlink?

How to set up a wireless router to access the Internet with TPlink?

TPLink Internet access setting methods

1. Line connection

Connect the front-end Internet broadband cable to the router's WAN port and connect the Internet computer to any of the 1~4 LAN ports of the router. Please confirm the line type of home broadband; click the corresponding button to watch the line connection method:

Note: For the detailed connection method of the home line, please refer to: router line connection guide. The default wireless signal of the router is TP-LINK_XXXX, and there is no password. If you use a wireless terminal such as a laptop or mobile phone to set up the router, please connect the signal and follow the next step. After connecting the line, please confirm that the corresponding interface indicator is always on or flashing. The corresponding port indicator does not light up?

2. Log in to the management interface to set up the router

Open the computer's browser, clear the address bar and enter the router's management address (or, in the pop-up setting management password interface, set a 6-15-digit management password, click "OK" to log in to the router management interface.

Note: The management password is the login password of the router. Please remember the set management password. If you forget this password, you will not be able to log in to the router management interface, and you must reset it again.

If you can't log in, please click Reference: Can't log in to the router's management interface?

3. Enter the broadband account and password

The router will automatically detect the Internet access method, if it is detected as "broadband dial-up", enter the broadband account and password provided by the operator in the corresponding setting box, and make sure that the account password is entered correctly, and click "Next":

Note: 76% of users cannot access the Internet because they entered the wrong broadband account password. Please double-check whether the broadband account password entered is correct and pay attention to distinguish between Chinese and English input, letter case, and whether the suffix is complete. If you are not sure, please consult your broadband operator. If the Internet access method is detected as automatically obtaining an IP address or a fixed IP address to access the Internet, please follow the wizard's instructions and fill in the corresponding parameters.

4. Set the wireless name and password

Set the corresponding wireless name and wireless password in the 2.4G and 5G wireless networks. "Wireless name" is recommended to use a combination of numbers or letters, do not use Chinese, "wireless password" is recommended to set a combination of 8~63 digits and letters, click "OK." as follows:

Note: It is recommended to set the same wireless name and wireless password for 2.4G and 5G, and the terminal can roam between 2.4G and 5G networks.

5. Create TP-LINK ID or complete the setting

TP-LINK ID is the management ID used to connect the router to the cloud server to realize online upgrades, application installation, remote management, and other functions. If there is a pop-up "Create Free TP-LINK ID" interface, follow the prompts to register.

At this point, the router has been set up. After the computer is connected to the router, you can directly open the web page to surf the Internet, no need to click the "broadband connection" dial on the computer. If you have other computers that need to access the Internet, use a network cable to directly connect the computer to any free LAN port of the router to access the Internet; if it is a wireless terminal such as a laptop or mobile phone, you can access the Internet by connecting to the wireless signal of the router.

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