How to View Devices Connected to Your Router's WiFi ?(3 Common Methods)


As the number of devices connected to our home and office networks continues to grow, network security issues cannot be ignored. As a network administrator, it is crucial to know the list of devices currently connected to the router’s WiFi network. This article will explore three simple and effective methods to help you easily view the devices connected to the router, thereby better managing and monitoring your network to ensure network security.

Method 1: Through the Router's Admin Interface

This method is the most universally applicable and can be performed on devices such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc.

  • Connect your device (e.g., computer or mobile phone) to the router's network (either via Ethernet cable or WiFi).
  • Open a web browser on your device and enter the router's admin address into the address bar (for example, TP-Link routers typically use or
  • Enter the correct username and password to log in to the router’s admin interface. The default login credentials can usually be found in the router's manual or on its label. If you've changed them, use your updated credentials.
  • In the admin interface, find options similar to “Devices” or “Connected Devices”. You can then see all devices currently connected to the router’s WiFi.
  • Review the listed devices, confirming their MAC addresses, device names, and IP addresses. If you spot any unfamiliar devices, they could be unauthorized users. You can remove these devices or set up MAC address filtering for added security.

Admin Interface

Method 2: Using a Mobile App

Most wireless routers nowadays come with dedicated apps for user convenience. Using a mobile app makes it easy to identify who exactly is connected to your router’s WiFi.

  • Connect your phone to the router's WiFi.
  • Search for and download the official app for your router from the app store. The app's name typically corresponds to the router's brand or model, such as "TP-LINK Tether" for the TP-LINK router. You can find the QR code for this app on the product packaging or in the user manual. Check out the list of common WiFi router management apps.
  • Install and open the app, then log in to your router account following the prompts.
  • The app's main interface or device list will show you the devices currently connected to the router, along with details like device names, MAC addresses, or IP addresses.


Method 3: Using Command Prompt

This method requires users to know common computer commands and varies depending on the operating system. Here's how to do it on a Windows system:

  • Press Win + R to open the "Run" window, type cmd, and press Enter.
  • In the command prompt window, type the following command: arp -a
  • The command prompt will display the IP and MAC addresses of all devices connected to the local network (e.g.,


Final Words

You can use any of the above methods to view devices connected to your router. If you discover any unknown or suspicious devices connected to your network, take immediate action to maintain network security.

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