List of Popular WiFi Router Management Apps


The evolution of wireless routers has not only brought us unparalleled internet speeds and expansive coverage but also ushered in a new era of convenience with mobile applications (Apps) for managing networks across major router brands. This innovation has significantly streamlined the process of WiFi management for users.

Advantages of App-Based WiFi Management

The transition to app-based management comes with numerous benefits:

  • Accessibility: The ability to control router settings through a smartphone or tablet app eliminates the need for computer access, offering management flexibility from anywhere at any time.
  • Instantaneous Insights: These apps provide live updates on network performance, device connections, and data consumption, offering a clear snapshot of network health and activity.
  • Intuitive Operation: With user experience in mind, these apps boast interfaces that simplify the complexities of network setup and maintenance.
  • Enhanced Security: App-based controls facilitate timely firmware upgrades and the activation of advanced security protocols. Features such as parental controls and guest access further bolster network protection.
  • Seamless Smart Home Integration: A number of these apps are designed to integrate seamlessly with smart home ecosystems, enabling coordinated management of smart devices for a truly interconnected home network experience.


List of Popular WiFi Router Management Apps

Here's a curated selection of prominent router brands and their respective management applications, as gathered by our platform:

Brand APP
TP-Link TP-Link Tether
Linksys Linksys App
Netgear NETGEAR Nighthawk
Orbi (Netgear) Orbi APP
Google Nest (Google) Google Home
Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi
Huawei Huawei SmartHome
Tenda Tenda WiFi
Cisco Cisco Connect (only for some models)
D-Link D-Link Wi-Fi
Mercury Mercury WiFi
H3C H3C Magic
Sonicwall SonicWall Mobile Connect
Airties Airties Wi-Fi
Belkin Belkin NetCam
Trendnet TRENDnet CloudView
Synology DS router
Eero (Amazon) Eero APP
Verizon My Verizon APP
Meraki (Cisco Meraki) Meraki Dashboard
360 360 Firewall
Hikvision Hikvision WiFi

This list is open for updates and expansions.

Typically, these apps are downloadable by scanning a QR code found on the router's packaging, or directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store at no cost.

With the continuous introduction of dedicated management apps by router manufacturers, the future of network management is set to become even more intuitive and tailored to the user's needs.

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