How to improve network speed?

In our daily life and work, I believe that many people may have encountered the problem of slow network. Network speed mainly involves three terminals: the user, the network, and the website, each of which has problems may cause network blocking. Some technical geeks will log on to professional websites to conduct Internet speed tests and find the reason to solve it by themselves, while some may not be able to operate. Here, we will introduce several common reasons of slow network speed and ways to improve it.

  • Internet hardware failures

    For example, the bandwidth does not match the network card, the network cable and crystal head are aging, etc.

    Solution: upgrade the network card to meet the needs of broadband network so that the maximum transmission rate can be achieved. Check the cables regularly, replace them in time, and troubleshoot the hardware failures.

  • Improper computer configuration

    For example, DNS configuration error, or too many browser plug-ins.

    Solution: Use the local ISP’s DNS address on the computer or router. If you do not know it, you can set up your computer to obtain DNS automatically or call the ISP for consultation. Turn off unnecessary plug-ins and pay attention to software compatibility.

  • WiFi router problems

    For example, poor WiFi signal, small coverage, etc. This is the most common cause of slow network speed.

    Solution: Choose a proper router and place it in a suitable place. Try to choose dual-band or tri-band routers, because dual-band or tri-band routers have higher wireless transmission rates, more anti-interference, more stability, and less signal loss than single-band wireless routers. If the budget allows, a WiFi6 router with higher MU-MIMO technology is better. In addition, try to place the router in the center of your home or company, and point the antenna to different directions to maximize the WiFi signal coverage. Meanwhile, you should avoid placing the router on the ground and keep it away from electrical appliances to prevent it from interfering with the router's signal.

  • Website problems

    For example, insufficient access bandwidth, poor server processing capacity, unreasonable web page design, and too many page plug-ins.

    Solution: You can open the Internet options in the browser toolbar and clean up the cache, which should generally be much faster. Or change another time or change a website to log in, etc.

  • If all above have been troubleshot, the network speed still does not improve, then you can basically believe there is something wrong with the ISP. At this moment, you can call the ISP, he will assign a responsible person to help you solve the problem.

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