How to limit Internet speed for specific IP users?

When you are busy working on the Internet, but the network is very stuck, a web page can not be opened for half a day, which seriously affects your work efficiency. At this time, there are usually computers downloading at high speed or online video and games, which occupy a lot of broadband, resulting in the slow speed of your office network. Are you bored and want to give him a speed limit?

The network bandwidth resources are limited, and the network speed limit function can ensure the rational use of the entire network bandwidth resources by limiting the maximum uplink and downlink rates of the computer. This article will introduce how to limit the Internet speed of a specific IP address on your router. Of course, the premise is that you can log in to the admin page of the router and get the administrator authority of the router. If not, you can only learn about it.

The total time required: nearly 20 minutes

Supply & Tools:

  • one router
  • one mobile phone or computer

To limit Internet speed on a Netgear router

1. Open a browser and enter the login IP address in the address bar of the browser to open the router admin interface, then fill in the username and password to log into the admin page. Various brand routers have different login addresses, but the common router login address is You can view the actual login IP address on the back of your router. If you do not know the username and password, you can try the default settings: admin/admin or 888888 or 111111.
open login page

2. Successfully log in to the router admin interface.
router admin interface

3. Click the "Attached Devices" menu in the left navigation bar to view the devices connected to the current network and their online status.
attached devices

4. Choose the IP device to be limited, and then click "Edit".
choose ip devices

5. Select the priority of the IP device, and then select “Apply” for the setting to take effect. If select “High”, the network speed of the device will be set to the highest level. If select “Low”, the network speed of the device will be set to the lowest level.
edit device priority

To limit Internet speed on a TP-LINK router

1. Log in to the router admin interface (refer to step 1 of Netgear router).

2. Successfully log in to the router admin interface.

3. Click the "IP Bandwidth Control" menu in the left navigation bar, and here you can set different modes and bandwidth sizes for different users' IP addresses.

4. Check "Enable IP Bandwidth Control" → select“Broadband Line Type“ → fill in the requested bandwidth size → fill in the IP address → select mode → fill in the bandwidth size to be limited → check "Enable" → click "Save" to make the settings take effect.


The maximum and minimum bandwidth speeds should be set reasonably in combination with the total bandwidth and user needs to ensure that all IP users can surf the Internet smoothly and avoid broadband waste.

Finally, I would like to remind you that the navigation of the router admin interface may be slightly different for different brands of routers. Just find the corresponding location and set it step by step.

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