How to Connect to Two WiFi Networks at the Same Time and Improve Your Phone's Internet Speed?

How to Connect to Two WiFi Networks at the Same Time and Improve Your Phone's Internet Speed?


When you encounter network lag or slow internet speed, don't you want to switch to a faster WiFi signal? If you have a dual-band router at home, it can indeed provide two WiFi signals for you, but switching back and forth can be a hassle. So, it would be great if your phone could connect to two WiFi signals simutaneously, and automatically switch to the one with better network performance when the other is not so good.

Don't worry, It's already possible! In recent years, there have been some smartphones that support two simultaneous WiFi connections. Users who have tried the dual WiFi function have said that it's awesome and greatly improves their network experience.

What is Dual WiFi?

Dual WiFi refers to the feature that supports simultaneous connection to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi networks, also known as dual-band WiFi or dual WLAN connection. After enabling this feature, a mobile phone can connect to two WiFi signals at the same time, and you can see two WiFi icons displayed on the phone. Compared to traditional WiFi, Dual WiFi has a significant advantage in case of internet lag. It allows devices to automatically select the best WiFi network connection based on distance and surrounding environment, providing faster and more stable internet connection speeds, enhancing your mobile browsing experience. Click to learn: What is the difference between 2.4GHz WiFi and 5GHz WiFi?


Which phones support dual WiFi?

As far as I know, currently, iPhone does not support dual WiFi. However, there are many Android phones that support dual WiFi, such as Xiaomi, Huawei, VIVO, OPPO, Realme, etc. If you want to have a better internet experience on your phone, you can check whether the phone supports dual WiFi before buying it.

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How to set up dual WiFi connection on a smartphone?

The method of setting up dual WiFi connection is similar for different smartphone brands. Here are some methods for various brands:

Realme: Click on Settings → WiFi → WiFi Assistant → Enable Dual WiFi Acceleration.
OPPO: Click on Settings → WLAN → Dual WiFi Network Acceleration → Enable Intelligent Start of Dual WiFi Network Acceleration.
VIVO: Click on Settings → WLAN → Network Assistant → Enable Dual WLAN Acceleration.
Xiaomi: Click on Settings → WLAN → WLAN Assistant → Intelligent Multi-Network Acceleration → Enable Dual WLAN Acceleration.
Huawei: Click on Settings → WLAN → Enable Network Acceleration and the switch for applications.

After successfully connecting to dual WiFi, you will see two WiFi signal icons in the status bar at the top of your phone, and the network will be more smooth. It's really a great feature.

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