How to get the WiFi password back when you forgot it?

Everyone knows that more complex passwords are more secure. Also for the sake of safety, our mobile phones, computers, and other devices will only show "connected" after connecting to WiFi, and will not show the password. And after a successful connection, it will automatically remember the password, and you can connect without entering the password next time. It's easy to forget your WiFi password in the long run. When friends visit and need to connect to WiFi, it will cause embarrassment. At this time, how to find your WiFi password? Here are a few ways to view the connected WiFi password on different devices.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Supply & Tools:

  • Mobile phone
  • Computer
  • Router

Windows computer

1. Open the Control Panel and find "Network and Sharing Center".
network and sharing center

2. Click "View Network Status and Tasks" under "Network and Sharing Center" to view the currently connected network.
currently connected network

3. Click the connected WiFi to go to the WLAN status.
WLAN status

4. Click "Wireless Properties", and you will see the details of the connected WiFi.
wireless properties

5. Select "Security" in the properties and check the box "Show characters", the WiFi password will be displayed in the "Network security key" box.
show characters

Android phone

1. Open the phone's settings and tap "WLAN".

2. Click on the connected WiFi, and a QR code for sharing WiFi will pop up.
WiFi QR code

3. Take a screenshot to save the QR code, then use a scanning tool to scan it.
scan WiFi QR code

4. Complete scanning, and you can see the WiFi password usually displayed after Password or abbreviated (P) on the screen.
view password


iPhone users cannot view WiFi passwords directly on their phones because Apple does not provide any such feature in iOS systems. But if the other party is using an iOS 11 or higher system mobile phone like you, and he is in your iPhone contacts list, he can enjoy your WiFi with him even without entering the WiFi password.

1. Unlock 2 iPhones, turn on bluetooth and bring them close together.
close 2 iPhones

2. Select the same WiFi on the iPhone to be connected, and the phone will automatically start searching and trying to connect. When your iPhone receives the signal, a dialog box will pop up asking that do you want to share the WiFi password.
dialog box

3. Click "Share Password", and the requested iPhone will automatically access the WiFi without entering a password.
share password

Note: If the other party is not using an iPhone but an Android phone, then the above method will not work. At this time, you can use a third-party tool, and then operate according to the second part—Android phone method. You will view the WiFi password on the scanning result, and connect to WiFi by manually entering the password.


If you can’t run on your mobile phone or computer or you failed, don’t worry, there is an ultimate way——enter the router admin page to check your WiFi password.

1. Open the browser of your mobile phone or computer, input the login IP address in the address bar of the browser to enter the router admin interface, here you need to enter the username and password, and click to sign in. Common router login addresses include,,, and But not all routers use these addresses to log in. You can check the label on the back of your router. If you don't know the username and password, you can try to fill in admin, 123456 or 888888, etc.
open router admin page

2. Successfully login to the router admin interface.
log into

3. Click "Wireless", and you can view and modify the WiFi password on the wireless setup page.
view WiFi password


The above is how to find the password when the WiFi is connected but the password is forgotten. These methods are very easy and do not require third-party software to avoid embarrassing situations occurring when sharing WiFi with relatives and friends. It is worth learning.

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