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Blacklist Check from Server ( for IP You can check if the IP is listed in the blacklist, you can query it by the following.

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What is IP Blacklist?

An IP blacklist is a list of many blocked IP address ranges. After the website is connected to the web application firewall, you can enable the IP blacklist to help the website block access requests from specified IP addresses, IP address segments, and IP addresses in specified geographical areas, thereby enhancing the security of the website.

What will cause an IP to be blacklisted?

There are many IP addresses on the Internet that are used by some people to send spam, conduct network attacks, etc., and then there are some services that specialize in collecting lists of malicious behavior IP addresses, which can identify IP addresses. One of the main reasons why your IP may be blacklisted is that you send bulk emails that may be identified as spam. Internet service providers (such as Google and Outlook) are responsible for identifying the sender. Typically the reasons that lead to an IP being blacklisted are as follows.

  • DNS error.
  • The volume of emails sent has changed dramatically and increased suddenly.
  • Spam trap.
  • The authenticity of the email was questioned.
  • Email is marked as "spam" by multiple users.
  • Blacklisted by other third-party organizations that use shared data.
  • An IP address segment is blocked.

How can I check if my IP has been blacklisted?

There are many tools to check if your IP is in the blacklist. For example, Enter the blacklist check page of IPSHU website→Input IP→Cick Submit to view the result. You can also request that the IP address be included in or removed from the IP blacklist. Use the query service on this page and follow the prompts to check or remove.

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