How to Use 192.168.49.I? Wireless Router/Screen Sharing Device Setup Guide


If you're attempting to log into your router or screen sharing device using "192.168.49.I," you might find yourself facing a dead end, as typing this into your browser won't lead to the login page. The confusion often arises from mistaking the lowercase "l" for the number "1." The correct IP address you should be using is


It's crucial to recognize that is a class C private IP address, residing within the to range. These addresses are typically used within private networks, such as those in homes or small offices, and not on the public internet. This IP is commonly designated as the default gateway for network devices, allowing users to access the admin panel for configurations.


Setting Up Wireless Router Using

  • Device Connection: Link your computer or laptop to the router via WiFi or an Ethernet cable.
  • Open a Web Browser: Launch a preferred web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or UC Browser.
  • Enter the IP Address: Type into the browser's address bar, not 192.168.49.I, and hit Enter to reach the router's login page.
  • Admin Interface: Log in with the administrator username and password, often defaulting to "admin/admin" or "admin/password" (found on the router's label).
  • Settings Configuration: Once logged in, adjust settings such as the WiFi name (SSID), password, and admin password as needed.


Setting Up Screen Sharing Device Using

  • Ensure Connection: Connect the screen sharing device to a TV or monitor via HDMI and ensure it's on the same WiFi network as the casting device.
  • Admin Interface: Navigate to in your device's browser (avoiding 192.168.49.I) and log in using the admin password, typically "admin" or left blank.
  • Network Settings: Find and adjust network settings to fit your setup, including WiFi credentials.
  • Configure Sharing Screen: Enable and configure sharing options like mirror mode or extension mode for different viewing experiences.
  • Device Connection: On your computer or mobile, activate the screen mirroring feature and connect to the mirroring device listed.
  • Begin Sharing Screen: Successful connection allows your device's screen content to display on the connected TV or monitor.

screen sharing sevice


  • Entering the correct IP address is a prerequisite for successful login. 192.168.49.I is incorrect, it will not open the login interface.
  • Both router and screen sharing device setups are conducted within a LAN. If their management address is, then you can use this IP address to make the corresponding settings according to the steps mentioned above.

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