How to Set up a Guest Network for TP-LINK AX3000 Router?


When we have guests visiting our homes or offices, it is inevitable that they will ask for the WiFi password. If you don't want to share your personal WiFi password, what should you do? This is where guest networks come in.

A guest network is a separate network created specifically for visitors. With a guest network, you no longer have to feel awkward about sharing your personal WiFi password. Moreover, guest networks can separate the data of the host network from that of the guest network, which can prevent the guest network from consuming a lot of bandwidth. Additionally, it can also enhance the security and privacy of your network. Most routers nowadays support guest networks. Next, I will use the TP-LINK AX3000 router as an example to show you how to set up a guest network.

Total Time: Approximately 10 minutes

Supply & Tools:

  • TP-LINK AX3000 router
  • Computer or mobile phone

Steps for setting up through a computer

1.Log in to the router's admin page. Open your browser, enter the router's IP address, and then enter the administrator password to log in to the router's admin page.

2.Find the guest network. You can find the "Guest Network" option in the router settings under the "Router Status" section. If not, you can click on "Application Management" to find "Guest Network," and click on "Enter."

3.Set up the guest network. Turn on the guest network switch, set the guest network name and password, and click "Save" to create the guest network. Of course, you can also check "no encryption", so that visitors can connect to this WiFi without entering a password, which is more convenient. However, WiFi without a password has lower security and is more susceptible to being hacked. Here, you can also set whether to allow guests to access intranet network resources, limit guest network speed and internet access time.

Steps for setting up through an app

1.Enter the app main interface. Click on the TP-LINK app that has been downloaded on your phone to enter the app admin page. If you have not downloaded the app, you need to download it first and add the router device management. Our previous article on How to Set up TP-Link AX3000 Router to the Internet by Mobile Phone has described how to add router devices and set up internet access in the app.

2.Find the guest network. On the main interface, click ┇ on the right side of the router model, and then click "More Settings" → "Wireless Management" to see the guest network.

3.Set up the guest network. Turn on the switch of the guest network, set the name and password of the guest network, and click "Save" if no other settings are required. If you want to limit the guest's network speed, network access time, and whether to allow access to intranet resources, you can set them here.


The above is the method of setting up a guest network on the TP-LINK AX3000 router. It is easy, right? The setup methods for other routers are similar to TP-LINK AX3000. If you want to protect your private network and data security, then set it up on your router!

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