Log in to manage your Airlink router

Use a network cable to connect the computer to any LAN port of your Airlink router. If the indicator light of the LAN port connected to the computer does not light up, please confirm whether the network cable is firmly connected or replace a network cable. Of course, you can also log in to the management interface through a knotless connection. Please use a mobile phone or laptop to connect to the wireless signal hotspot of the router.

If your Airlink router has just been purchased and is still in the factory state, you can directly view the wireless signal name and management address, user name and password of the router from the factory on the bottom sticker of the Airlink router. information. If you have modified the management address before, you can use the modified address to log in to the management page. If you don’t remember the modified address, you can refer to How to find the router address? You can also find the management IP address corresponding to your Airlink router model according to our router list below And account password.

After the line connection is completed, open Edge, IE, Google, Firefox, 360 and other browsers, clear the address bar and enter the router’s management address and press Enter to see the router’s login page. Follow the prompts to enter the account and Click "OK" for the password.

If you have changed your password before, you need to enter the changed password to log in. If you forget the password, please refer to the solution of recovering the router account and password.

Note: If there is no response when you click the login/confirm button, the login interface is incomplete, or the password is repeatedly prompted, please change your browser and try to log in.

After successfully logging in to the router management interface, you can view a series of functional applications such as wireless passwords, setting of broadband connections, network speed restrictions, and WDS bridging.

No. Model Username Password
1 AR315W admin admin
2 AR725W - -
3 ARW027 - -