Reasons and solutions for cannot open the router setting interface?

Reasons and solutions for cannot open the router setting interface?

Reasons and solutions for cannot open the router setting interface?

We all know that is the login address set by the router, so what should I do if I can’t open the router settings when encountering Here we will introduce the reasons and solutions for unable to open the router setting interface when setting up the router with a computer.

Let's first talk about the reasons why the router setting interface cannot be opened on, which can be roughly divided into the following 5 aspects:

  • 1. The computer's local IP setting is improper
  • 2. router connection problem
  • 3. network cable problem
  • 4. The URL entered in the browser is wrong
  • 5. Router setting problem

Now, let's introduce one by one and teach you how to exclude the issues and find solutions.

1. The computer's local IP setting problem

If the local IP has been set before, but it will cause the problem of not logging in to the router because of improper settings. The solution is to set the router's IP address to be automatically obtained. The following uses the Win10 system as an example to teach you how to set the local IP to be automatically obtained.

  • A) First, use the mouse to right-click the Win10 "Start" button -> select: network connection option to open
  • B) Right-click "Local Area Connection" with the mouse -> select "Properties" to open
  • C) Then select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" and continue to click "Properties"
  • D) Finally, select "Obtain an IP address automatically", "Obtain DNS server address automatically" —> click "OK".

If the computer IP address has not been set before, it is automatically obtained by default, you can ignore this problem.

2. The router connection problem

The computer, router, and modem are incorrectly connected with the network cable.

If you use a notebook connected to a WiFi wireless network, then directly look at the connection between the router and the optical modem. The external telephone line or optical fiber should connect to the optical modem first, and then a network cable is used to connect the optical modem to the router's WAN port. If it is a desktop computer, you also need to connect the router's LAN port to the computer with a network cable.

3. Network cable problem

If there is a problem with the network cable used to connect the computer to the router, will not open. Therefore, you must ensure that the network cable can be used normally. If you have more network cables at home, you can replace a network cable and plug it in tightly, and then try to open

In addition, if there is a problem with the network cable, the network icon in the lower right corner of the computer would display abnormally. You can also run Ping directly on the computer to see if the connection between the computer and the router is normal.

4. Input errors in the browser

After opening, many browsers have a prominent search box (Google, Baidu, 360, Sogou and other search engines) on the homepage. Many people habitually enter in the search box. Obviously, you’ll fail to open it.

The correct location to enter is the address bar in the browser, which is the top of the browser, where the URL is displayed.

5. Router setting problem

Not all routers have a default login URL of Different brands of routers may have different login URLs.

Some users have a mistaken belief that all router IP addresses are But the actual situation is that the default IP (setting URL) of different routers is different, and not all routers have an IP address of If your router's IP address is not at all, you will not be able to open the router setting page with this IP.

So, you need to confirm whether the IP address of your router is You can check the default IP address (URL) information on the bottom label of the router.

Another situation is that the default IP address of the router has been changed. To improve the router's security, some users may modify the its default address before using it. After the modification, cannot be used, and new settings are required.

How to check the real default IP of the router:

  • A) Right-click the Win10 "Start" button with the mouse ——> select: network connection option to open
  • B) Right-click on "Local Area Connection" ——> select "Status" to open.
  • C) Click "Details".
  • D) Find the "IPv4 default gateway" option on the page. The IP address behind is the real login IP of the router.

Another solution is resetting the router

If you have checked all the previous problems and still cannot open the setting management page of the router, you can reset the router first and then try again. Sometimes the router will crash, be unstable, etc., which can also cause the management login interface of the router to fail to open.

How to reset the router:

When the router is powered on, press and hold the reset button for more than 10 seconds to restore factory settings, the reset button is usually next to the power interface, and the following is generally marked with English letters: RST, RESET, WPS/RESET, etc.; please look it up on your router.

The above are the general reasons and solutions for the router being unable to open the router setting interface. I hope this article is helpful if you also have similar questions.

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