What is the use of IP address locating?

What is the use of IP address lookup?

The primary function of an IP address lookup is to identify the IP address of a computer (or mobile device) connected to the network and determine its location.

The IP address is fundamental for internet communication; every connected computer must have an IP address. An IP address lookup can pinpoint every machine existing on the internet, thereby providing information about the visitor.

For example, IP addresses play a crucial role in the following scenarios:

1. Websites can track the location of visitors and identify their pages of interest through their IP addresses.
2. If the internet service provider receives a request for log records, IP addresses can be used to identify specific users.
3. In the event of illegal activities on the internet, law enforcement has the right to subpoena ISPs to obtain the name and contact details of the owner of a certain IP address, thereby aiding in combating illegal and criminal activities.

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