What is the use of IP address locating?

What is the use of IP address locating?

The main function of the IP address location is to query the IP address of the computer (or mobile phone) connected to the network and its location.

The IP address is the basis for our Internet communication. Every networked computer must have an IP address. Querying the IP address can locate each machine present on the Internet to know the visitor\'s information.

For example:

1. The website can track the location of the visitors and determine the pages they are interested in through their IP addresses;
2. If a log record is requested from a user\'s Internet service provider, it can also be used to identify a particular user;
3. If there is an illegal act on the Internet, the law enforcement agency has the right to call the ISP (Internet Service Provider) in order to obtain the name and contact information of the owner of an IP address, thereby combating criminal activities.

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