How to find out someone's IP address?

Hello, all! Believe it or not, we live in the internet age where no absolute privacy exists. Social media leaks our privacy every day, just like you must have received marketing emails or anonymous emails. At this time, do you wonder who the sender is? where is he or she? This article teaches you how to find out the IP address and the location of the email sender.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Supply & Tools:

  • Mail
  • Browser

Get the IP address by viewing message source

Whether you use Yahoo mailbox, Outlook mailbox, Gmail mailbox or QQ mailbox, etc., after receiving the email, you can obtain the sender's IP address by viewing message source of the email. Steps as follows:

1. Open the mailbox.
open mailbox

2. Choose the email you want to trace.
choose an email

3. Open the email and click on the three dots to open a drop-down menu.
open email and click three dots

4. Click "View"→"View message source", it will open a new window and display the email source.
view message source

5. In the message source, you can view the sender's IP address. Generally, the address after "X-Originating-IP" or "Received: from" is the sender's IP address.
view IP

6. Open a browser, or directly enter, copy and paste this IP address into the search box for query, and you can find out where this IP address comes from.
query IP

Above content is about how to find out the IP address of an email sender. However, there is something you need to keep in mind.

①In some cases, you may see multiple "Received: from" lines in the original message, which may be caused by the email going through multiple email servers. Often spammers use this method to confuse recipients and make it harder to track down the real IP. In this case, you need to check the bottom of the email where shows the sender's real IP address.

②As people pay more attention to privacy, some emails become strengthen the protection of user privacy. For example, Gmail shows only the IP address of the email server in the "Received" line and not the actual IP address of the email sender.

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