Can I find out the personal information of an IP user?

Firstly, let's directly give the answer: knowing an IP address can only find the general geographic location of the IP user, you cannot find the user's specific name, address, contact information, etc.

The main function of IP address lookup is to look up the IP address and location of the computer (or mobile phone) connected to the network. The lookup result usually includes the following information:

For example, looking up IP on IPSHU, the main information displayed is as follows:

  • IP address: (display the IP address you entered);
  • Country code: US;
  • Country name: United States;
  • Region name: Ohio;
  • City name: Columbus;
  • ISP: Amazon Technologies Inc.;
  • Domain name: .us
  • City longitude: -82.998787;
  • City latitude: 39.961182;
  • Postal code: 43085;

The result only shows the city where the IP user is located, without showing any private personal information.

Most IP address lookup can only find the country/region and city where the IP is located, only a few can find the district and street where the IP is located.

If you want further information such as room number or username, contact information, etc., it must be relevant government agencies go to check the Internet service provider (ISP) under legal regulations. Because this information involves the privacy, it is not disclosed to the public, and can only be disclosed when the law is applicable. There are also a few relatively high-tech hackers who can steal private information by hacking into the ISP's server. In addition, ordinary network users, even if they know the IP address, cannot find the specific location and personal information of the other party.

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