PrivadoVPN Review:No gaudy functions, the speed and security is great!

I used to chat with one of my friends, he recommended PrivadoVPN to me. He said that he's been using it for 2 years and thinks it's great. I was a little curious about what kind of VPN service he could use for so long. So I downloaded it for a trial. Very nice, PrivadoVPN offers 1 month of free use. As far as I know, none of the other VPNs support a free trial. But in order to get its precise performance, I subscribed to a one-month plan to test.


A breif introduction of the features of PrivadoVPN

  • 338 servers in 47 countries around the global
  • Simultaneous connections: 10 devices
  • Provide a free monthly subscription plan
  • Good speed
  • Industry-leading security & encryption
  • Strict no-logging policy
  • Multiple advanced functions include kill switch and split tunnel
  • Full refund within 30 days
  • Great customer support

For detailed introduction, please go to: PrivadoVPN:Free version, secure and reliable, protect your online identity!


PrivadoVPN Review — Server

Unlike Nord and Private Internet Access, which have thousands of servers, PrivadoVPN's server network is relatively small, with only 338 globally distributed in 47 countries. It provides multiple servers in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, etc. Only a single server is provided in Japan, France, Australia, and other countries, as well as regions such as Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan. Although the overall number is not much, I think it is enough to use. And Privado is still very young, i believe it will constantly expand its servers network as it continues to grow.

If you want to connect to a server in a specified country/region, you can sort it by latency or name, or search directly in the search box, you can quickly find the server you want to connect to.

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PrivadoVPN Review — Speed

I think PrivadoVPN's speed is decent. First of all, you can intuitively feel that its connection speed is very fast. When I selected the server in Seattle, USA, I immediately saw the screen showing that the connection was initiated, and then I saw "Connected" and the VPN IP. The whole process was very smooth. I switched to the LA server and it was also fast. After testing 2 American servers, I chose to connect to servers in Japan, Germany, and Hong Kong SAR, and all of them were successfully connected quickly.

Once connected, I browsed the web, watched videos, and tested its speed. I must admit PrivadoVPN is not the fastest VPN, but it's pretty good. I have tested servers in several different locations such as the United States, Germany, Japan, and Australia at several different times. The download speed is basically around 50Mbps, and the upload speed is around 20Mbps. And unblocking videos like Netflix and BBC iPlayer was smooth.

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PrivadoVPN Review — Security and Privacy

PrivadoVPN is a Switzerland-based company. Swiss law attaches great importance to the privacy of users. PrivadoVPN is not subject to any mandatory data retention requirements, and it also strictly implements a no-log policy. In my testing, I didn't see any collection behavior. Indeed, as stated on their official website, they will not store any user data, nor will they sell user data to any third party, so the security of using PrivadoVPN is quite high.

In addition, PrivadoVPN uses OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard in terms of security protocols, and it uses AES-256-bit encryption and SHA256 hash authentication. What's more, I feel that the IP and DNS leak protection of PrivadoVPN is also very good because I did not encounter any IP or DNS leaks in my testing. PrivadoVPN also provides a Kill switch, which can provide protection for you even if the connection is dropped.

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PrivadoVPN Review — Ease of Use

PrivadoVPN supports almost all mainstream devices and systems, and the operation interface is very intuitive and simple. The main interface is only to select the server and settings. If the connection is successful, the big circle button will turn green and display "Connected" and the VPN IP. It is very good to identify whether it is protected or not. When choosing a server, as I mentioned earlier, you can sort by latency and name, or search directly, and you can quickly find the server you want to connect to.

In the settings, there are options such as window style, VPN protocol, etc., which are very simple and have no bells and whistles. If you pursue simplicity but practicality, I believe you will like the design of PrivadoVPN.

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Overall, PrivadoVPN is a simple and refined application tool. It pursues practicality, so there isn't a fancy interface and no functions. It always focuses on satisfying customers with practical and real needs and doing every aspect well. Maybe it's not as fast as ExprssVPN, does not have as many servers as NordVPN, and is not as cheap as Surfshark, but it's really good. And it also has an excellent advantage: providing one month of a free trial. Many other VPNs don't offer a free trial. I think PrivadoVPN is very trustworthy, try it to experience it.

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