Router Brand List

BrandModelWiFi BandWiFi Rate
ADC KentroxCampus-RS REX2N/AN/A
Brand:ADC Kentrox
Model:Campus-RS REX2
WiFi Band:N/A
WiFi Rate:N/A

People nowadays have become more and more inseparable from the Internet. Whether it is for office or life and entertainment, we all need the Internet. In order to make it easier to use the Internet, many people have installed wireless routers in their homes, so that their mobile phones, computers and other network devices are all It can be connected to the Internet. I have also introduced the problem of not connecting the router before, so what wireless router brands are there on the market?
Here is a list of router brands that we have collected. There are more than 470 brands, which basically cover almost all router brand manufacturers on the market. Click the brand name or picture link to view the default login IP and user name of various models of routers under this brand, Information details such as passwords. For your reference:

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