Get to know the real NordVPN from my personal review based on 4 dimensions

NordVPN received good reviews in the industry, and many people even think that ExpressVPN and NordVPN are the top two in the industry. Does it really deserve such a high rating? I used it and wrote this article to share my personal experience, hoping to give you some reference.


A breif introduction of the features of NordVPN

  • As low as $3.69/month
  • Support 6 simultaneous connections
  • Large server network
  • Lightning fast connection
  • Multiple advanced functions
  • Strict no-logging policy
  • Solid security package
  • Support malware and malicious ads protection
  • Work with multiple streaming platforms
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Great customer support

For detailed introduction, please go to: NordVPN: Fast, Secure, Reliable, and Great Value!


NordVPN Review — Server

NordVPN has a great number of VPN servers among all VPN providers. It claims to have 5186 servers in 59 countries and regions around the world. Open NordVPN, you can see multiple servers to select in the list but they are mainly distributed in Europe and the US. If you want to connect to a certain server, you can search or select a country listed from A to Z, or you can choose directly from the server map, which is one of the characteristics of NordVPN, each server location is marked on the map. NordVPN thinks the map will help you find your desired server location to connect to more quickly.

My Experience: The NordVPN server network basically matches the official description. However, I personally think that it is manually easy to cause confusion and error if you connect a server according to the map marks because the locations of European countries are relatively close and the servers are dense. However, it is overall a good alternative to find a server via map markers.

review server

NordVPN Review — Speed

"You don't have to fear that with NordVPN, the world's fastest VPN." NordVPN said to clients, and they promise to provide excellent performance when unblocking streaming media. They say this is because Nord uses several outstanding protocols, such as NordLynx, which can help clients provide lightning-fast connection speeds. Many clients have tested NordVPN's speed and the feedback has been positive.

My Experience: When I chose the LA server, I was amazed at its fast connection. Then, I chose to connect to Berlin, Germany, and the connection speed is still very fast. I want to test whether its streaming performance is really as good as it claims, so I can't wait to open my favorite Netflix and BBC iPlayer, very smooth, well done!

review speed

NordVPN Review — Security and Privacy

Usually, people use VPNs to hide their real IP, so as to protect privacy. Therefore, security and privacy are the first elements to evaluate whether a VPN is qualified. NordVPN uses AES-256 advanced encryption to effectively hide your real IP, and the threat protection function can block malicious websites, malware, trackers, and ads. Kill switch will automatically help your devices defend against contamination when the network goes wrong. Besides, NordVPN claims that it enforces a strict no-logs policy.

My Experience: During my use, neither IP nor DNS leaks occurred, and the kill switch worked fine. Also, I tried to enable multiHop, which can provide users with double encryption protection, making your IP more difficult to be traced.

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NordVPN Review — Ease of Use

Ease of use is an important criterion for measuring the quality of a product, and it is also the motivation for clients to use it for a long time.

My Experience: The interface design of NordVPN APP is clear and intuitive. There are seldom buttons, but it covers all the functions you need. NordVPN supports a one-click quick connection. If you want to set other functions, you can quickly find the corresponding buttons even if you are a new user because you will get the quick guide when you first log in to the APP. In addition, if you log in at night, you can also set the APP to Dark mode to protect your eyes. Nord is so considerate!

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NordVPN is constantly improving and bringing clients brand-new experiences. This article mainly shared my current experience based on a Windows computer in terms of server, speed, security and privacy, and ease of use. The performance is very stable and worthy of praise. Of course, I used it on my iPhone and it also works fine. NordVPN supports up to 6 devices online simultaneously, which is not much but enough for daily use. Overall, I think NordVPN is nice and worth your paying for privacy.

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