What is

What is

It is an intranet IP address. Generally Netgear routers or routers of other brands are used as gateways. We usually set router administrator access in this address to allow network administrators to configure their routers and networks. Here we can manage Security Options, Network Management, IP QoS, DNS, Proxy, LAN, WAN, WLAN Settings, DSL, ADSL, MAC, WPS and other functions. Since is a private IPv4 network address, any device on the network can use it. Please do not assign multiple devices to, as this will result in IP address conflicts.

How to log in to router management page in 5 easy steps?

1.Click here or type in the address bar of your browser and then press Enter key.

2.If there is an error, it means is not the IP address of your router. Find it in this article Router's IP address.

3.Once you know the IP address of the router, enter it into the URL address bar of your browser and press Enter key, you will be directed to the user login page of the router administration.

4.If you have changed the default username and password(usually the default password is admin)and forget them, you can reset the router to restore the initialization. If you have not changed the default username and password that came with your router, you can click here Default Router Username And Password List.

5.Once you enter the router's administration panel, you will be able to modify all the settings of that router regarding the Internet.

How to find the IP address of a router?

If you are having problems logging into the router management page, such as accessing takes a long time to load or this page doesn't load at all, it may be because your network is using another address, such as, or In this case, please consult Default Router IP Address List, or you can follow the instructions in How to find the IP address of a router to find the correct login address.

If your computer uses Windows operating system, you can press the right button on the mouse on the windows Microsoft icon in the bottom left corner of your computer screen, as shown below:


Select "Run" in the list that opens after right-clicking. Then enter "cmd" and then click "OK". As shown below:


Type the command "ipconfig" in the DOS black window that opens and press Enter key. As shown below:


The IP address shown to the right of the Default Gateway is your router login address. Now you can log in to manage your router through this IP address.

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