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Banner is a private IPv4 address that belongs to the class A subnet ( IPv4 address space ) . Private IP addresses are mainly used for internal networks, such as homes, schools, and corporate networks, and they do not directly connect to the public internet. This means that the IP address cannot be globally routed on the internet; it can only be used within an internal network. For example, students can use to log into their student information administration system, and network administrators can use this IP to manage home network settings.


  • 10 is the first byte of the network part of this IP address.
  • 189 is the second byte of the network part.
  • 2 is the third byte of the network part.
  • 150 is the host part, indicating a specific device within this subnet.


Applications of

  • Within home networks, might represent any device connected to the router, such as PCs, mobile phones, tablets, or other smart home devices (like smart bulbs, smart speakers, etcc.). Network administrators can log into the router settings interface using to adjust home network settings and monitor device traffic.
  • In the networks of schools or other educational institutions, may serve as the gateway for online learning platforms, library databases, email systems, or student information systems. The school network may use to manage network traffic, verify student ID or email information for login. This ensures that only authorized users (such as registered students, teachers, and staff) can access the required resources.
  • For businesses network, may be assigned to employees' computers, laptops, or other mobile devices so that they can access internal resources and the internet. It enables network segmentation, access control, and activity monitoring. Furthermore, the enterprise may leverage this IP address for the configuration and management of network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls to support business operations and ensure network security.


Final Words

In short, could be the IP address of a device within a home, school, or enterprise network. Users can utilize this IP address to access resources within the local area network, facilitating communication between devices within the LAN.

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