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IP: Icon / Image Meaning Table is an external IP address, this IP address represents a device on the Internet. We have detected the device connected this IP address is located in Quincy, Washington, United States. The picture above shows the country/region/city where the IP address is located and other brief information. We'll give you detailed explanations as below:

IP Address:
Continent  ?  : North America 🌎
Country/Region Code  ?  : US  ?  
Country/Region Name  ?  : United States 🇺🇸  ?  
Region Name  ?  : Washington
City Name  ?  : Quincy
City Latitude  ?  : 47.2343
City Longitude  ?  : -119.8525


1. What is is an IP address, it represents a device on the Internet.

IP address is used to identify the device that sends or receives data in cyberspace and is represented by a string of numbers.

The number can be displayed in binary, decimal, hexadecimal, etc., as shown in the figure below, with decimal being the most common.

IPv4: Network Class, Net ID, Host ID Description of IP Address in Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal Description of IP Address Class A/B/C/D/E and Network ID, Host ID


A correct IP address has 4 numbers and connected by dot, such as there only 3 numbers in 52.233.106, and 5 numbers in, they are not correct IP addresses;

The size of the 4 decimal numbers ranges from 0 to 255. If any number exceeds this range, such as, it is not a correct IP address.

Sometimes, dot will be replaced by space or hyphen, e.g. 52-233-106-5,52 233 106 5, but generally it is represented by dot, e.g.;

If you want to learn more about IP address, please check: What is IP address?

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2. Is a public IP address or a private IP address? is an external address, which is a public IP address on the Internet, and its corresponding device can be accessed by other devices on the Internet.

IP addresses can be classified as public address, private address, and reserved address.

  • Public IP address: The overwhelming majority of IP addresses are public addresses and need to apply for registration with the international Internet administrative agency.
  • Private IP address: Three IP address segments are reserved in the IPv4 address protocol as private addresses for internal use by the organization.
  • Reserved IP address: There are also some reserved addresses, which are used as private IP address space or for special purposes such as internal LAN.
Public IP, Private IP

From the screenshot above, you can see the different locations and utilizations of public IP address and private IP address.


  • The IP address of a device may change, and the device corresponding to an IP address may also change, they are not fixed;
  • If you do not want your device uses a public IP address, you can place the device on a private network instead, and use address mapping to achieve access and enhance security.
  • Because of the scarcity of IPv4 address, home networking devices usually use private IP and connect to public IP on the Internet through a router.

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3. Which country or region is located in?

In short, is located in United States.

United States of America (US) IP Address

Specifically, public IP addresses are coordinated by IANA(The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), who first allocates the different IP addresses to five RIRs(Regional Internet Registries).

  • ARIN(American Registry for Internet Numbers): including Canada, USA, and some Caribbean Islands
  • APNIC(Asia Pacific Network Information Centre): including Asia/Pacific Region
  • RIPE NCC(Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre): including Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia
  • LACNIC(Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre): including Latin America and some Caribbean Islands
  • AFRINIC(African Network Information Centre): including Africa Region
Continent IP

Organizations in need of IP addresses apply to these allocation centers who coordinate the allocation.

These organizations that get assigned IP addresses then assign these IPs to their corresponding devices, which are basically placed in the country where the applicant organization is located, and we can get the organizations and countries corresponding to these IPs through the Whois information of the IP addresses.

Notice: Sometimes, however, organizations that obtained the IP address may also assign these IPs to other countries, such as multinational telecommunications companies, overseas military bases and other special circumstances.

Although we have used a variety of data sources and technical means other than Whois information of IP address, we still cannot guarantee that the query result is 100% correct. Therefore, the country/region information we provided to which the IP address belongs is correct at 99.99% or more, and in rare cases errors may occur.

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4. What region and city is located in?

Let's give a simple answer first: IP is located in Quincy, Washington, United States.

  • City longitude: -119.85254669189 °
  • City latitude: 47.234298706055 °

Please note above data is only the longitude and latitude of Quincy, Washington, United States, not the accurate geographic location of IP user or device.

In some detail, we obtain the city-level positioning of an IP address by comparing data from multiple sources and technical means.

This is the geographic location information obtained from the map according to the latitude dimension. This site cannot guarantee that there is no error, and the results are for reference only. This data is updated at: 2024-07-15 05:40:38 UTC
Reference Location: Quincy, WA, USA
Street Address: 406 Central Ave S, Quincy, WA 98848, USA
Route: 21-1 E St SE, Quincy, WA 98848, USA
Locality: Quincy, WA 98848, USA
Postal Code: Quincy, WA 98848, USA
Public IP Address City Location

Notice: Regarding the accuracy of this data, because of IP address allocation and variability and other factors, the highest standard city-level IP location accuracy rate in the industry can hardly reach more than 80%, and some websites or businesses claim that their accuracy rate reaches 95% or more are not highly credible.

Of course, the overall IP address location accuracy is difficult to reach more than 80% doesn’t mean that the positioning accuracy of is also 80%. Users can compare and verify data from multiple websites, as well as make network speed tests or take other ways to improve the accuracy rate.

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5. Can I find out the exact location of

Still, let's give a simple answer first: it is generally not possible to find out the exact location of a user by IP address.

In the last question, we mentioned the accuracy rate of located in Quincy, Washington, United States cannot be 100% correct, and it is even more difficult to get the precise location of the next level area, street, and room number.

For example, an IP is assigned to a dial-up ADSL operator, when one of its users dials up, the IP address is occupied. But after the user goes offline, this IP address may be assigned to another dial-up user, and the user will be assigned another IP address after dialing up again to access the Internet. So you can only make sure that this IP is used within this city, but it cannot be sure of a smaller area, street, or a room.

Public IP Address Street Room Location

However, the Internet service provider (ISP) has log records of the usage of an IP address, and if necessary (e.g., at the request of police), the ISP can provide more accurate user information and geographic location of an IP address at a certain time.

Of course, such precise information of an IP address is generally not disclosed to the public for the purpose of protecting users' privacy.

The location of your public IP address is shown in the map as follows, country/region: United States, region: Washington, city: Quincy. Longitude (-119.85254669189 °) and latitude (47.234298706055 °) is the geographical information of the city, not the exact location of the user. This website cannot guarantee 100% correct, we only provide reference information.

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6. Who is the Internet service provider of

The Internet service provider (ISP) of is Microsoft Corporation.

Public IP Address ISP Logos

As mentioned previously, Microsoft Corporation applied for a batch of IP addresses from a regional Internet registry (RIR), and then assigned the IP address to a device located in Quincy, Washington, United States.

Here is the list and contact information of ISP in various countries. Click to view:

🔌 United States List of major ISPs

💡:The following are the major Internet service providers in United States, including their names, URLs, and phone numbers. If you want to know the details of a particular service provider’s introduction, social media, email, etc., you can click on the service provider’s name link to view details.


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7. What is reverse DNS of

This topic is rather specialized, so let's first know about what is reverse DNS lookup for IP addresses.

DNS is the acronym for Domain Name System. The domain name system establishes links between domain names and the IP addresses, and a DNS server is specialized for the work. The forward DNS lookup is according a domain name to look up IP address, and the reverse DNS lookup is according an IP address to look up the corresponding domain name.

DNS Resolution and Reversed DNS Resolution

In Linux system, you can use “host” instruction to make reverse DNS lookup.

  • If has no setup of reverse DNS, it will return Null or itself, for example: the reverse DNS lookup of returns
  • If an IP address has setup of reverse DNS, it will get a different result from this IP, for example: the reverse DNS lookup of returns crawl-66-249-64-145.googlebot.com.

Notice: Reverse DNS lookup needs to be carried out online. Occasionally, there will be timeout and other errors in the case of network congestion, which will make the IP that has setup of reverse DNS does not return correctly but the original IP. In this case, it is necessary to do a few more “host” instructions or try again at another time.

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8. Is a proxy IP address?

By querying databases, we can know whether is a proxy IP and what type of proxy it is. is not a proxy IP Address.

When someone uses a device to access another device online, usually it is the source IP accesses the target IP directly, but in some special cases, for example, the source IP is restricted by the firewall and cannot access the target IP directly, or the visitor wants to hide its real IP address, an intermediate IP can be used as a transit, and it is called proxy IP.

Proxy IP

Notice: Whether an IP address is a proxy IP generally does not change in the short term, but it may still change in the long term.

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9. How fast is the network speed of

Network speed can be broadly classified as follows:

  • COM company/T1: for commercial usage, the speed is the fastest and can reach gb/s level
  • DSL broadband/cable/fiber: generally for home usage, the speed is fast and can reach tens of mb/s to hundreds of mb/s
  • DIAL dial-up: This is an old way of networking, with slower speed ranging from tens of kb/s to a few mb/s
Public IP Address Net Speed

The speed of IP to access the Internet belongs to: T1.

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10. What is used for?

Public IP Address Usage Type

Usage type classification of IP addresses:

  • (COM) Commercial, e.g. general companies, office buildings, etc.;
  • (ORG) Organization, e.g. various non-profit organizations;
  • (GOV) Government, e.g. government departments at all levels;
  • (MIL) Military, e.g. troops, military bases, etc.;
  • (EDU) Education, e.g. universities, colleges, schools, etc.;
  • (LIB) Library, e.g. local libraries;
  • (CDN) CDN, e.g. content delivery networks;
  • (ISP) Fixed Line ISP, e.g. fixed-line telephone Internet service providers;
  • (MOB) Mobile ISP, e.g. mobile phone Internet service providers;
  • (DCH) DCH, e.g. data center, web hosting, network transmission, etc.;
  • (SES) Web Crawler, e.g. various search engine spiders;
  • (RSV) Reserved, e.g. various reserved addresses. belongs to DCH.

The above usage types are comprehensive speculation based on the IP administrator Whois information and other information, only for reference.

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11. How to find out the administrator of

You can use Whois lookup to find out the administrative agency of an IP address, and even the phone number and other contact information of the administrator.

Public IP Address Whois Information

Using the Whois tool to look up will yield a lot of information, and we pull out the main information as follows:

  • Administrative agency: MSFT
  • Description:
  • Country/Region:US
  • Address: One Microsoft Way Redmond WA 98052 United States
  • Administrator:Microsoft Corporation
  • Tel: +1-425-707-5601
  • E-mail: pracsin@microsoft.com

The Whois lookup tool is designed to allow people to find the responsible agency and administrator when there is network problem. At present, Whois tools are widely used in the network technical level, for example, if Telecom Internet service providers find there is network problem, they can quickly notify the relevant responsible person to diagnose and deal with it. In addition, if there is network resources abuse, such as a lot of spam from a certain IP address, they can also contact the person in charge of spam complaints to deal with it.

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12. Where does the data of come from?

As we have mentioned earlier, we obtained the city-level location of this IP address by comparing data from multiple sources and technical means. These data sources include IPGeolocationIP2Location and MaxMind, and other top IP data providers in the industry.

Among them, IPGeolocation is built by JFreaks Software Solutions in Lahore, Pakistan, and its database comprises above 25 million IP Address ranges which makes it one of the largest IP Data providers. It also supports downloadable IP geolocation database tailored to your need. More company information.

IP2Location has over 20 years of experience in detecting users' geolocation information and detecting anonymous proxies. The information is always accurate and easy to integrate. Meanwhile, It supports IPv4 and IPv6, API calls up to 10B+. Introduction to IP2Location database.

MaxMind is also an industry-leading provider of IP intelligence and online fraud detection tools since it has been founded in 2002. Up to now, over 5,000 companies use MaxMind's GeoIP data to locate their Internet visitors and show them relevant content and ads, perform analytics, enforce digital rights, and efficiently route Internet traffic.

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🔌 United States List of major ISPs

💡:The following are the major Internet service providers in United States, including their names, URLs, and phone numbers. If you want to know the details of a particular service provider’s introduction, social media, email, etc., you can click on the service provider’s name link to view details.


➕ More Information

Internet Service Provider  ?  : Microsoft Corporation
ZIP Code  ?  : 98848
Time Zone  ?  : America/Los_Angeles
AS Number: AS8075
Organization: Microsoft Corporation
Currency: US Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Currency Symbol: $
Languages: en-US,es-US,haw,fr
Country TLD: .us
Usage Type  ?  : DCH (Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit) 💿
More: Whois

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