This is the list of IP address where the first byte is 192, the second byte is 168, the third byte is between 0 - 255, the fourth byte can be changed (the asterisk below) List, expressed as 192.168.*.* ( -

This IP address list contains 256 * 256 = 65,536 IP addresses. Let’s take one of the IP addresses as an example to describe the properties of this IP: is an internal private IP address. It is usually the default gateway of most wireless routers or ADSL modems. You can access your router management interface through this IP address. You can change your router settings after successful login. Need to check the user name, password reset and other information, you can click to view:

But this is just an example of one of the IP addresses. It does not mean that all IP addresses in this list have the same properties. If you need to know other IPs and more detailed IP address information, please click title link.

IP:192.168 Icon / Image Meaning Table

Class C IP Address List

Class C IP address means: in the four-part number of the IP address (for example: byte 1.byte 2.byte 3.byte 4), the first three part numbers (byte 1.byte 2.byte 3) are the network number, and the remaining part number (byte 4) is the number of the local computer.

If the IP address is expressed in binary, the class C IP address consists of a 3-byte network address and a 1-byte host address, and the highest bit of the network address must be '110'.

Class C IP address range: ~, available IP address range: ~

The length of the network identifier in the class C IP address is 21 bits, and the length of the host identifier is 8 bits. The number of class C network addresses is large (2 ^ 21 = 2097152). They are suitable for small-scale local area networks, each network can only contain up to 254 computers (2 ^ 8 - 2 = 254).

If you need to know more about the class C IP address parts, you can click the title link in the list of class C IP addresses.