What aspects should you consider when choosing a router?

What aspects should you consider when choosing a router?

What are the considerations for choosing a router?

Nowadays, our demand for the network is getting higher and higher, not only requiring fast Internet access, but also easy operation, and also want to be more favorable in terms of price, but not the most cost-effective router is the most suitable What about your own? When combined with real-life scenarios, our answer will be:

Not necessarily;

Different people will have different needs for routers, so list some simple but must-consider issues:

  • Whether there are special high requirements for network speed;
  • Whether the current home bandwidth considers the later upgrade;
  • Using the area of ​​the house, whether there are several rooms that require full coverage;
  • Whether there are children in the family who need to be involved in online behavior management;
  • Finally, consider the brand, price and other factors;

People who have particularly high requirements for network speed may generally be involved in playing online games, or those who have a relatively large online workload. Therefore, the parameter to be considered when choosing a router is the connection speed of wifi. Or use the wired Internet directly, which is more stable and has the effect of low latency;

The choice of the router is similar to the choice of the mobile phone, but most of the functional parameters in the router are too vague for us, we can only think of the situation that can be used for a few more years, then we can choose AX series routers (AX routers are also called wifi6 routers, the theoretical maximum transmission rate is 9.6G bps, and there are also AC series routers, also known as wifi5 routers, with a theoretical maximum transmission rate of 6.9G bps. The AX router is understood as an upgraded version of the AC router, which has a great improvement in transmission speed, stability, etc.), it will not be eliminated so easily;

Generally speaking, the area of ​​the house is a factor that must be considered when choosing a router. Because the area is large or there are many barriers, there are requirements for whether the router can be covered. You can choose a router with mesh function. (The mesh function is a kind of networking technology. Generally speaking, it is to expand the signal transmission range of the router through mesh between two routers.) Bridge; it is recommended to purchase routers of the same brand and support mesh function for networking;

Now that children often take online classes, it is necessary to consider whether the router has the function of children's online protection. You can set the Internet time of the device, and set the router to filter harmful websites, or set the access whitelist and other functions;

After we have selected the functions, we will go to the market to buy routers. We still need to consider the three major factors of brand, after-sales guarantee, and price guarantee, and we must choose regular channels to buy;

In my own situation, because the place where the router is placed in the living room is separated from the small study at home by two walls, I tried bridging the router from the beginning, but unfortunately the effect of the actual use is still the connection of the small study. The wifi is OK, but the network speed is very slow; then considering whether one of the routers is older than the old wifi transfer speed is not good, I bought a new router, the two routers are of different brands, I thought I used the mesh function to form a network. Unfortunately, the original router did not support the mesh function, so I had to give up this solution again. Finally, I thought of using this new router directly in the small study room, so that the home can achieve Internet access speed from all angles. Guaranteed, the only disadvantage is that the mobile device coming out of the small study will have to reselect the wifi signal.

Finally, the key point to express is that when choosing a router, you should not just buy the more expensive one, or buy the one with the most functions. Instead, you should choose a router based on your own usage scenarios.

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